"My tea leaf yield has gone up 1.5 times after using Mahapotash and spark in my tea garden."

-Amrit Sarkar, Tea farmer, Jalpaiguri

"I had very good results in terms of both yield and seed germination with the use of Mahapotash and spark in my paddy field."- Sukamal Dutta, Paddy farmer, Bardhaman district

"My banana production is much more efficient after using Surobhi Agro products like EESRO and E-care in my banana farm. It has specially helped in preventing a lot of loss due to fungal attacks in banana trees."

- Riyazuddin, Banana farmer, Nadia district

"We followed the instructions of the company representative and got 40% more production in potato yield this season. The products Margozyme, Mahapotash, Casmag, Potato special and Spark were used. We are very happy with the results and will definitely use it again." - Rabi DasPotato farmer, Jalpaiguri district.